C.I.E., Inc. brings custom US metalworking to the Internet!

Custom Interior Enterprises, Inc. has been providing Cleveland, OH, and the rest of the world, with quality custom metal fabrications for over thirty years. From stainless steel elevator facades to simply stamping a curved part number on a washer we fabricated, we put the same level of forethought, engineering, and metalworking expertise into every order we receive. “One-off” products, prototypes, and large-scale production runs all receive the same level of service and attention, as we feel that every job we are entrusted with is a job worth doing well. While we may be a new company to you, we are not a new company in the world of metal fabrication and have a diverse client list which ranges from Fortune 500 companies to a homeowner needing a custom stainless steel counter top. Even if you are not exactly sure what you are looking for, or your design needs some fine tuning, our design team can provide design-assistance-as-a-service for a nominal fee (hourly or contracted-term rates can also be implemented if extensive design assistance is required). Contact us with your next custom fabrication need, and allow C.I.E. to prove to you why our company is a leader in the metal fabrication industry.

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